Using the Schubert Database

Classification Scheme

The welcome page of the Schubert Database first displays a list of Schubert’s works organized by Deutsch number. The list can be also be arranged by title, text incipit, poet, or date. To change the list, click on the red header of the column concerned. Clicking on the title of a work produces a complete data record for the work in question (and a reference to the volume in the New Schubert Edition). You can narrow down a particular category of works by selecting keywords (using an AND operator).

The symbol “>” is always given where reference is made to another Deutsch number (in the “Remark” column).


Searching the database is possible by Deutsch number (left drop down box, “D-Verz.”) as well as by keywords in the two “Index” boxes, which can also be linked. To search the database solely by one keyword, the entry »Index« must be selected in the other box. The Search function in the main menu is available for full-text searches.

A Work in Progress

The New Schubert Edition Editorial Board wishes to point out that the Schubert Database is, in its present form, merely meant to function as an aid. It is not a finished catalogue of works. Some information has been simplified or abbreviated to prevent the database from becoming cluttered.