Schubert Archive and LISA Database

The Tübingen Schubert Archive

The Schubert Archive is indispensable for the editorial work on the volumes of the New Schubert Edition. It has been continuously upgraded and expanded since 1965.


Source Collection

The holdings of the Tübingen Schubert Archive include reproductions of:
  1. autographs and copyist’s manuscripts of Schubert’s works,
  2. original prints and contemporary editions of Schubert’s works,
  3. manuscripts and prints of literary sources for Schubert’s works,
  4. Schubert’s letters, letters of his friends, and documents on his early reception.

Library and LISA Database

The international scholarly literature on Franz Schubert and his circle of friends has been collected on an ongoing basis since the Archive was founded. Since 1988 (including back cataloguing) it has been entered in the LISA database (= Literary Index Schubert-Ausgabe). The holdings of the Special Library currently comprise more than 5,000 books, essays, and articles, including the personal library of the Schubert scholar Otto Erich Deutsch, which was given to the Editorial Board by the Berlin Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz on permanent loan for its work on the New Schubert Edition.

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Using the Library

The Source Collection is subject to property rights on the part of the owners. Reproductions of the sources are available for consultation but must not be shared or reproduced. Information on the present location of the sources can be supplied only if the sources in question are preserved in public libraries.
The use of the library is permitted within the framework of existing regulations. Users should have a valid academic interest and must submit a personal application to the Editorial Board in good time.