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Classification Scheme

The New Schubert Edition is subdivided by genre:

I Church Music 9 Vol.
II Stage Music 18 Vol.
III Partsongs 4 Vol.
IV Lieder 15 Vol.
V Orchestral Music 7 Vol.
VI Chamber Music 9 Vol.
VII/1 Music for the Pianoforte I: Works for four hands 5 Vol.
VII/2 Music for the Pianoforte II: Works for two hands 7 Vol.
VIII Supplement 10 Vol.

The Edition is generally arranged in chronological order within each genre. One exception to this rule occurs with the lieder, where, for the first time since their initial publication, the opuses issued during Schubert’s lifetime (roughly one-third of his lieder) appear in the order chosen by the composer himself. Despite a widely held belief to the contrary, these opuses were not compiled on an arbitrary basis, but in accordance with clearly discernible principles. For further information see Walther Dürr, “Die Lieder-Serie der Neuen Schubert-Ausgabe: Zu Schuberts Ordnung eigener Lieder,” Musica 40 (1986), pp. 28-30: